dog washing machine

Commercial Laundry Services for Vet Offices

Towels at the veterinary office get a special kind of dirty. There isn't another place (hopefully) where your towels often get covered with pet hair and urine. We love our pets but we don't want our towels smelling like wet dog - even in a vet office. So let Soap Lab take care of that laundry for you.

Our commercial laundry service will come to you as often as you need us. We will pick up your laundry from your location and take it back to our laundromat. Our expert launderers will carefully wash, dry and fold all of your towels, blankets, area rugs, etc. When everything is laundered, our pickup and delivery service will return your items back to you smelling fresh and clean.

Spend your time looking after your furry patients and let us worry about your laundry.